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The Red Rock Hot Club's New Live, Two Volume CD With Mike Miller



The Red Rock Hot Club announces the release of their fourth (and fifth) CD!

The new release,"The Red Rock Hot Club with Special Guests Live",

Volumes One and Two, is now available and the best place to get it? At any of our performances! This release includes special guest, Los Angeles based guitarist extraordinaire,

Mike Miller, from such groups as Chick Corea’s Electric Band, The Yellow Jackets,

Bette Midler, Queen Latifah, Boz Scaggs and The Grandmothers of Invention.  Mike is a “guitarist’s

 guitarist”, his ability to go from incredible Jazz Fusion style, to Swing Guitar styles is

amazing, and is captured beautifully on this new Live Red Rock Hot Club CD set. 

The new recordings also feature special guests Scott Harris on Clarinet, whose credits

include the Utah Symphony Orchestra, Burbank Symphony Orchestra, He has

performed with numerous popular and Jazz artists including: Tony Bennett, Johnny

Mathis, Ray Charles as well as artists such as Itzhak Perlman and Barbra Streisand.  

Dan Salini on Violin, a child prodigy, Dan was born into the legendary “Salini Strings”

classical ensemble of suburban Minneapolis. When not in his shop building violins,

Dan is a veteran swing player and multi instrumentalist who can comfortably switch

to Lap Steel, Pedal Steel and any other guitar as well. 

Scott Terry on bass, who also doubles on guitar on some gigs.

The award winning Red Rock Hot Club is recognized as one of the top American based

Gypsy Jazz Ensembles.  Founded in 1999 and led by the swinging guitar stylings of

Rich D’aigle, the group specializes in the music of Django Reinhardt and the Hot Club

of France. Upon Rich's return to his native Maine, Pat Terry assumed leadership of the band in early 2014, and with the added help of James Martak's guitar and Dave Bowen on Bass, the core

of this Jazz group skillfully delivers the sound of Paris ala 1930’s and 40’s. However, as

masters of Swing Jazz, they are capable take you on a musical journey with tastes of New

Orleans, and then a trip down to San Antonio for a bit of Western Swing!

The Red Rock Hot Club Live with Special Guests Vol. 1 & 2, proves to be their most

exciting yet, as it’s packed with over TWO hours of Hot Vintage Jazz ala Swing, and is filled

with many surprises for Gypsy Jazz fans old and new! Most noticeable is the addition of

D’aigle’s vocals; simply put, Rich’s voice is a smoky, throaty growl that evokes the tones of

Louis Armstrong, Fats Waller and Tom Waits, adding a completely new dimension to this recording.


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